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Sugar, sweet sugar! Such temptation. Find out how your cravings are holding you back, and a simple way to explore them: tapping.

Tapping into your sugar cravings

Sugar is a temptress. It is everywhere, even in quite unexpected places – come find out a fun and easy way to sooth your cravings in this wonderful guest post from Jenny Chalmers, founder of Never Ever Diet Again.

Find out how one woman changed her life by changing her diet in this special guest post from Susan Cole of 'Fabulous FODMAPs'.

How a low FODMAP diet changed my life

In this special guest post, Susan from Fabulous FODMAPs shares her journey from sick to well and how a low FODMAP diet changed her life. If you’re stuck experiencing digestive complaints, IBS, or any of the things Susan describes here, try experimenting with a low FODMAP diet and see what happens. Find out how Susan changed her life by changing her diet!

Learn what chemicals may be in your beatuy products, how they can effect you, and how to choose products that are super healthy.

Skin-Deep: Is Your Beauty Routine Harming You?

We all want to go out into the world looking our best. Skin care and beauty products are one key way that we put our best foot forward. In this guest post from Heidi Hackler you will learn what might be harming you in your favourite beauty products, and what to do about it.