Work with me

Is this you…?

You eat too much. You just want to feel good, but you end up a mess of shame and guilt.

You gain weight. It gives you that tight panicky feeling – what if you *can’t* shift it?

Your body’s a stranger. It makes you feel fat, ashamed, and undeserving.

What if this doesn’t stop? Your eating has become a cycle of shame, guilt, and powerlessness.

If you continue on, it will just get worse. Guilt, self-blame, self-dislike, and a belief that you are worthless, weak, and undeserving of love and success.

That’s why you’re here. And I’m guessing since you clicked on the ‘Work with me’ page, you’re ready to do something about it.

Emotional eating isn’t a life sentence. Whether you’ve been struggling for 2 years, or 20 (or more) you can get out of all the struggle and frustration of feeling stuck, frumpy, and out of control and into feeling calm, controlled, and kick-ass around food.


8 Weeks to End Overeating

Transform your life and your eating into a source of ease and joy.

In this 8 Week package you will:

  • Eat with calm and ease even if you’ve spent years constantly worrying about your food choices. 
  • Take the energy you spend feeling awful about your eating and use it to truly enjoy life, even if you’ve struggled to make changes in the past. 
  • Stick to your goals, even if you’re the queen of self-sabotaged or “starting again on Monday”. 
  • Take on life feeling gorgeous and in control, even if your schedule is packed and it feels like there’s no time left for you. 
  • Have full control over your food choices and be able to stop eating whenever you want, even if you’ve been overeating your whole life. 

Others say

Jan, a Canadian expat living in Seoul, South Korea says

“I leave sessions with Samantha feeling focused and empowered about the decisions I can make. She doesn’t just give a to-do list, but instead gives you the tools to make real changes. And those changes feel amazing! This has been a huge turning point in my relationship with food. Thank you!”

* * *

Tessa, from Washington says

“Sam helped me to overcome my binge eating by accepting it. After starting work with Sam, I had gone about a month without bingeing and while I was embarrassed about this fact, Sam was overjoyed and told me how proud of me she was. I burst into tears. Since starting work with Sam, I’ve been binge-free for over 2 months! Something that everyone else around me seemed to feel was easy and elementary; she understood how difficult it was. She understood the struggle and the feelings of guilt and shame, and her sharing that she was proud of me was HUGE for my acceptance of what I had been going through my entire life. Sam’s amazing.”

* * *

Bronwyn, from London, UK says

“I first started working with Samantha because I wanted to try a new way of solving my eating problems. It was completely different from anything I’d tried before – and that was a good thing. I’ve spent the past 25 years of my life on one diet or another, and enough is enough.

To start with I felt scared about sharing my struggles – I’d never spoken about them before – but Sam was so open and calm, it actually felt great. She has so much knowledge and knows just when to push you in the right direction. After just 4 sessions I was experiencing major relief from my cravings, and I know these are tools I can now use throughout my whole life. I would definitely recommend coaching with Sam to anyone who’s struggling with their eating. She’s an angel.”

What is 8 Weeks to End Overeating?

8 sessions, via Skype, of 1:1 action-steps and support specifically tailored to

  • your dream life 
  • your struggles 
  • and your goals. 

Total investment: $750usd

Ready to start eating easier?

That’s fantastic! First, we do a free 40-minute call on skype to work through why you’re overeating, and you’ll discover:

  • what your cravings mean, so you can kick them to the curb 
  • how you can live without constantly worrying about food, so you can feel free
  • how to fill yourself up without cookies, cake, or pizza, so you can eat to support your dream life