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Emotional eating: You can't figure it out. You swear to yourself that tomorrow will be different. Here's how to really do that.
Could your emotional eating be hiding a deeper issue... Are you addicted to food? Find out here, and discover how and why it's happened.
If your eating feels out of control and really frustrating and you find that once the “I want to eat...” whirlwind starts, it’s impossible to stop, then grab this free quick-stop-guide. Seriously easy to follow, and super effective!
If you struggle to 'control' what you eat, you will love this 14-day self-trust challenge designed to have you trusting yourself with food in no time.
For many of us, the majority of your unwanted eating, binge eating, and particularly emotional eating is caused in huge part by the inability or unwillingness to feel sadness. I definitely know that this was the case for me. Here's a little of my story.
Nourishment is more than being full of food. It's more than calories. It's even more than nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. It's vital you your health.