7-Day sugar detox journal challenge

Welcome to the 7-day sugar detox journal challenge.

Do you have sugar cravings you give in to, again and again?

Urgh! Doesn’t it leave you guilty, tired, and worst of all: powerless. And even though you try not to focus on it, weight gain is always a dark thought (or reality) lurking.

Sugar is just so… everywhere.

And sometimes it feels totally inescapable. But it’s not.

As I explain in the challenge videos, a couple of weeks ago I really started to struggle with sugar. I was getting cravings, eating way more than usual, and just feeling out of control and yeah… I’ll admit it… weak.

As a pretty introverted person, I always deal with this stuff quietly, and alone. But, as I was sitting on the bus on Thursday evening I started thinking about all the ladies I work with who do the same. Who think that they are the only ones struggling because everyone is so quiet about it.

So, in an effort to help myself, my gorgeous Live the Whole community on Facebook, and now you, the 7-day sugar detox journal challenge was born.

It’s simple but powerful. After the 7 days, I am 100% back where I want to be and can’t wait to help you get to a better place with sugar too.

Do you have sugar cravings you give in to, again and again? Here's how I emotionally detoxed from sugar in 7 days: the sugar detox journal challenge.

Join me on a 7-day sugar detox journal challenge:

  • Go sugar-free for 7 days 
  • Complete the daily action steps, and 
  • Explore the journal prompts to really dig into the emotional side of what’s going on  

Sound interesting? Scary? Hard?

You can do this – give yourself the gift of time and space away from sugar to really learn more about yourself and how you can claim your power back.

Why sugar detox?

This is an emotional sugar detox. Yes, you’re going to go sugar-free, but it’s mostly to give you the emotional space to work out what else might be going on underneath your sugar cravings. If you rely on sugar for emotional comfort, pleasure, release, and a host of other stuff, then the first step is to start to feel those emotions and needs without sugar as a buffer.

Going sugar-free gives a break, a time to reset and see things clearly. The cravings and brain chemistry created by turning to sugar make cravings hard to control, and often result in more and more sugar over time. This can lead to varying degrees of addiction, and taking a break can create space and clarity for looking at your relationship with sugar in ways that are hard to see when you’re in its grips.

How to sugar detox

Let me start by saying: this is an experiment. 7 days sugar-free. That’s all. It’s not forever (unless you want to) – it’s just an experiment to see what happens for you.

Can’t imagine 7 days? That’s ok. Start where you are. Try 2 days while doing the full 7 days of action steps and journal prompts.

You can try as many times as you need to, gradually increasing your time until you’re happy with it.

Seriously, 2 days sugar-free used to be a huge achievement for me. These days, a month is no problem at all (thanks, Whole30).

What will you learn?

  1. That yes, you can live without sugar. And probably very happily. 
  2. Different ways to sooth and express emotions
  3. The messages behind your sugar cravings (because they are there for a reason). 
  4. How to move forward in your emotional relationship with sugar.

The sugar detox challenge

I ran this challenge, live, over in the Facebook groupI did daily video examples and explained the WHY of each question and action step. I’ve included the links for you here.

All you have to do is type, write, or record your answers and musings about the journal prompt, do the action step, and not eat anything with added sugar. This includes natural sugars like honey and stevia, or artificial sweeteners like Splenda or Sweet’n’Low.

This isn’t so much a nutritional challenge, as an emotional one – so the goal is to distance yourself from the sensation of sweet and learn to find other ways to comfort and soothe.

Day 1

  • Journal: Why do I want to eat less sugar or do this detox?
  • Action step: Tell everyone you are temporarily not eating sugar. 
  • The video 

Day 2

  • Journal: What and where are my triggers or trigger foods? 
  • Action step: Hide, remove, or get rid of any trigger foods. 
  • The video 

Day 3

  • Journal: What brings me joy? (brainstorm) 
  • Action step: Do at least one of your joy activities (every day for the rest of the challenge, if you can) 
  • The video 

Day 4

  • Journal: If my sugar cravings have a message for me, what could it be? 
  • Action step: Drink lots of water. 
  • The video 

Day 5

  • Journal: What does my perfect relationship with sugar look like? 
  • Action step: Make a quick ’emergency cravings kit’ including gratitude, meditation, and connection. 
  • The video 

Day 6

  • Journal: Write a letter to your sugar cravings. Acknowledge them, thank them for the messages they bring, but firmly let them know their solution (to eat) will no longer be what drives you. 
  • Action step: Eat a protein-dense savory breakfast. How does it feel? 
  • The video 

Day 7

  • Journal: Looking back over the past 7 days, what have I learned about myself and my relationship with sugar? 
  • Action step: Try this guided meditation. 
  • The video 

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Do you have sugar cravings you give in to, again and again? Here's how I emotionally detoxed from sugar in 7 days: the sugar detox journal challenge.

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