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Your life is too short to spend it struggling with guilt, shame, and powerlessness about food. You have the chance to live life free from this struggle, on your own terms. You can live your whole!

There is a way out of this cycle you’re in. A way to lose that weight. And a way to eat happy. It’s just not a way you’ve tried before – it’s new, it’s abundant, and it’s totally focused on you.

With me, you work on, change, and improve you relationship with yourself, your body, body image, health, nutrition, exercise… and so much more. I’m a certified Eating Psychology coach, which means I use a powerful combination of psychology and nutrition in a really results focused way to assist and support you in true and lasting change and wellness (not to mention weight loss!).

I take a positive view of the relationships between body, mind, and nutrition. I recognize that for a lot of people the old way doesn’t work, or we’d all be happy, healthy, and slim. I’m focused on providing you with what you need to make the move towards ‘living the whole’.

I honestly can’t say enough good things about Sam and working with her. She listens, and I don’t mean that surface listening that most people do. She actively listens and cares about what you’re going through and best of all, she understands. I say ‘best of all’ because that means that the advice that she gives is straight from the heart and from experience.

Tessa: WA,USA


Quite simply this can transform your life. Find out more over here.

Ok, so who am I?

I’m originally from New Zealand, but I’ve been living, working, and loving in Seoul, South Korea for the past 4 years. Expat life is life challenging, thrilling, and sometime a big pain in the neck! But, I’ve learnt more about myself in the past 4 years than all the other years put together.

Considering I was born on a sheep farm in rural New Zealand (ok, I was actually born in a hospital, but you know what I mean), the fast-paced city life of Seoul fascinates me. My favourite thing to do here? EAT! Well, that’s pretty much my favourite thing to do anywhere. True story.

And speaking of stories – I love them. Books, movies, people, I love to know their stories. My name ‘Samantha’ means ‘a listener’, and it’s true, I like to listen to stories… especially if they involve food (double win!).

About Samantha Korean food

Here’re 10 quick facts about me:

1) I love my job

2) I’m obsessed with bubble tea. I once took a trip to Taiwan just because it’s the home of bubble tea. I was not disappointed.

3) I love dogs and am passionate about responsible pet ownership.

4) My favourite TV show is ‘Awkward’. Yes, it is totally ok for a grown woman to enjoy MTV teen programming. Uh, right?

5) My favourite color is sea green

6) My favourite hobby is reading

7) I always cry at sad movies

8) I can sew

9) I prefer to put bugs outside rather than kill them

10) I’ve moved house over 28 times

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