3 Actionable ways to do self-love with ease

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Actionable ways to do self-love with ease

Ok, so you now know why self-love is essential to healing your unwanted eating, AND you know what self-love actually means… how the heck do you actually start to work with that?

You hear a lot about having more self-love, but not about how to really do that. Here are actionable ways to do self-love - you can start right now.

If self-love means thinking, speaking, and acting with the knowledge that you are 100% worthy of awesome love… then this is all about how to DO that.

These are some awesome actionable ways to do self-love!

Basically, you have to think, speak, and act like you love yourself. Just like you think, speak, and act like you love your mum, sister, partner, cat/dog.

Here are the super actionable bits I promised you:

Whip out your workbook and watch this video lesson to find out how to DO ‘self-love’ for yourself. Make sure scroll right to the bottom of this post and get your week 3 action steps.

To re-cap:

Firstly, to ‘think like you love yourself‘ try assuming your own worth for 7 days (or forever!). This sets you up to begin to develop an attitude of ‘of course I deserve this!’. Susan Gerrish talks about this in our interview from last week – about how self-love needs to flow from a place of thinking you are deserving of love, care, and nourishment.

Secondly, we looked at how to ‘speak like you love yourself‘. The workbook exercise is all about how to replace your negative self-talk with more positive and loving words.

And finally, I showed you one way to ‘act like you love yourself‘ by focusing on the joy and pleasure in your life and how to not only focus on what you already have, but how to create more.

As I said in the video lesson, I definitely recommend doing the thinking, speaking, and acting with love all together – but if you’re tired, upset, or starting out from a pretty bad place, start gentle and build up your love slow and steady.

Another technique lots of ladies love is EFT, or ‘tapping’. This can be awesome because it also works on thoughts AND words, as well as being action.

Week 3 Irresistible Self-Love Action Steps:

  • Watch the video lesson above
  • Do the workbook exercises for week 3
  • Spend this week working on assuming your own worth
  • Tune in next week to get THE BEST self-love strategy I know.

What do you think, do you have any more actionable ways to do self-love?

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