Books and Courses

Try the 7-da emotional eating action plan workbook - it so, so helped me get clear on why I was eating and how to stop.

An all-in-one workbook and 7-day plan to heal your eating from the inside, out.

Do you feel like your eating is out of control? Is it something you struggle with ALL the time? Are you using food to fill the gaps and just can’t seem to rein it in?

Take control with the 7-day Emotional Eating Plan. You’ll get the tools, information, and resources you need to finally stop letting food control your life. Click to read more.

I love this so much - an easy meal plan aimed at emotional eating. Just what I need!

The perfect way to get simple, clear meals planned for your 7-day emotional eating action plan (above). This meal plan comes with a full 7 days worth of meals AND recipes. They’re not crazy hard or full of diffuclut ingredients – just nourishing food for you as you work to heal your emotional eating. Click to read more.

This course is a game-change. Aimed at emotional eating and weight loss, I can meal plan so well (and stick to it!) now.

The Killer Meal Planning Course – Your one-stop course for all things meal planning. With a specific focus on planning for emotional eating and weight loss, this course guides you step-by-step through creating a meal plan, choosing recipes, controling portion sizes, and so much more. Click here to read more and get the free sample lessons.