How to Dress for Emotional Eating Success

Color can affect emotional eating

Over in the Live the Whole Facebook group last week we were talking about our fave colors to wear – and the answers ranged the full spectrum (well, almost – no one said green. If you love wearing green, please leave a comment!!) from black to white, to dark reds and purples, to bright blues and corals. It was super interesting to hear WHY ladies loved wearing their fave color:

  • It’s sexy 
  • The colors are bold 
  • It’s slimming 
  • I feel good in that color 
  • It’s pretty 

But what on earth does this have to do with emotional eating? Let’s find out.

Color can affect emotional eating. Here's how to harness the psychological power of color and clothes to help you stop emotional eating and feel awesome.

The Emotional side of Eating

There are no studies (that I could find) linking color and emotional eating. But there are TON looking at color and mood. So let’s think about that…

Ok, obviously your emotional eating is… emotional. So, things that influence your emotions are going to also have an effect on you eating.

Color affects your emotions – and your behavior.

And what color things do we carry around with us all day, no matter where we are?

Our clothes!

So, what color clothes you choose can impact your emotions, which in turn, influences your eating and food choices.

Color therapy for emotional eating

Ok, so let talk about some colors and what they can do for you! Keep in mind that how you feel about certain colors is learned – so they way they make you feel can be different than your best friend. These are just some general guidelines based on research – your colors may vary!


Quick tips:

  • If you eat because you’re bored – try experimenting with red. 
  • If it’s stress and anger eating, try blue or green. 
  • Loneliness munchies? Try cozy colors (burgandy, chocolate brown), or give yellow a spin. 
  • Just feel like total crap? Dress like a rainbow, put on some music, and dance like a leprchaun. I’m sure that will help. 

But what about your fave color? What’s it good for?


  • Good for: If you’re looking for a lift, you’re feeling bored and blah, you want to feel like you stand out. If you’re feeling flat and passionless, red can help.  
  • Not so great: If you’re dealing with anger, stress, or frustration. If you’re feeling triggered or agitated, red may make it worse.  


  • Good for: When you want to feel bright, social, and perky  
  • Not so great: If you’re trying to wind down, are feeling irritates, or feel socially anxious. 


  • Good for: Getting going and creating feelings of motivation and energy.  
  • Not so great: Not so great if you’re trying to create more tranquility in your day. 


  • Good for: Calming you down and helping you take a chill. Blue helps lower blood pressure.
  • Not so great: If you’re feeling bored and have lost your oomph. 


  • Good for: When you’re feeling bogged down and want a fresh start or are in need of some relaxation in your day
  • Not so great: No downside that I could find. 



  • Good for: Feeling slimmer, sexier, and like a total boss-lady
  • Not so great: If you’re feeling depressed or struggling with low mood, black may not help you. Unless it has sparkle… then sparkle away! 

Whites and neutrals:

  • Good for: Matching with other colors! Feeling calm, clean, uplifted.
  • Not so great: If you’re eating tomato pasta sauce 😀 


Dressing for weight loss

The most important thing is that you feel comfy, safe, and good about what you’re wearing – no matter what color it is.

All sources of stress and strain – definitely including those from uncomfortable clothes, feeling self-conscious, or just crappy about your outfit – reduces the amount of decision-making power you have. Meaning, all decisions become harder. Especially that choice you have between the bottled water and the cola at lunch.

So, boost your mood using colors you love AND work on putting together a wardrobe that works for you. Color can affect emotional eating!

And how much of a difference is this really going to make?

Color can affect emotional eating – but is it something you should bother with?
Well, your life and wellbeing are made up of a ton of different parts – harmonizing those parts to create a safe, uplifting, and supportive place involves both big steps and small 🙂

Add another piece to your emotional eating puzzle and play with clothing colors!

So tell me: Do you love wearing green?? Come on, there has to be someone? 


Do believe color can affect emotional eating?

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