Your Emotional Eating Plan

Take control with the 7-day Emotional Eating Plan

You 7-day emotional eating intervention. Get organized, take action, and see results.

An all-in-one workbook and 7-day plan
to start healing your eating from the inside, out.


Easy to follow step-by-step guidance


Get to the real reasons behind your eating


Focus on what makes you happy

Don’t like the way you eat?

Do you feel like your eating is out of control? Is it something you struggle with ALL the time? Are you using food to fill the gaps and just can’t seem to rein it in?

Take control with the 7-day Emotional Eating Plan.

You’ll get the tools, information, and resources you need to finally stop letting food control your life. The 7-day plan is a 20+ page workbook (including tons of info) to help you plan a 7-day emotional eating intervention for yourself. You’ll learn why you eat, how to stop, and what you can do instead.

The workbook also comes with a BONUS 7-day menu plan, with all the recipes and advice on how to deal with cravings.

Also included in the bundle is the successful 4 Steps to Stop your Unwanted Eating ebook.

You can create real change in your emotional eating, like these ladies:

Emotional Eating plan testimonial 1

The 7-day Action Plan made me think about the leading causes of my emotional eating. It helped me with strategies on how to actively stop myself from falling into the same trap. In the course of a week, I have been very focused and went down a pants size. I highly recommend it!

Miki, Sydney, Aus
Emotional Eating plan testimonial 2

I have always struggled with eating and eating habits. The 7-day Action Plan helped me see clearly, black on white, what my eating habits are like and what I should change. It also gave me the tools to do so.

The workbook is very well structured and I liked that there was plenty of space for me to write down my own thoughts and ideas. The layout was both pretty and clear, so it was easy to follow.

I would recommend it to anyone who is struggling with emotional eating and that needs help. It will definitely help you go through your eating habits and you will discover things that might surprise you about yourself. After that, this book will also help you to gradually shift these habits, to improve the way you eat and feel about food.

Hanna, Finland

What you’re getting

The Workbook

A 20+ page workbook full of advice, worksheets, templates, and checklists – so you’re not just getting information, you’ll know how to use it.

A Clear Plan

You’ll know exactly what to do each day. Meals, cravings, and feel-good-now plans all included!

Fully Personalised

Because it’s not just a guide, but a workbook. You make the plan totally suit your needs, tastes, and schedule.

BONUS 7-day Menu Plan

Get your free bonus 7-day meal plan. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and treats fully planned with tips, advice, and recipes at your finger tips.

Get your 7-Day Emotional Eating Action Plan right now

with BONUS 7-Day Meal Plan ebook.

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