Healing binge eating: Embodiment

As I outlined in last week’s post, healing binge eating is a multi-step process that can take time, effort, and work. But, the results are so, so worth it. Last week we talked about how to get started by strengthening your system, filling in some gaps, and getting some momentum going.

Doing good = feeling good = using this to build mind-body connections (which is where we’re working today)


healing binge eating is a multi-step process that can take time, effort, and work. But, the results are so, so worth it. Find out more here.

In the post about what binge eating is, you learned that binge eating and your experiences with it are a message. We’ve explored how you can start to take steps to get stronger and build a steady base of momentum to work from as you dig deeper. Today we’re going to starting doing a little of that deeper work – by looking into how you experience your body and how your binge eating may be talking to you.

This can be super scary if you’ve spent x amount of time ignoring your body because it brings you discomfort or shame. But, you know that sick feeling you get after you’ve binged? That’s your body asking for attention.



Your binge eating is a voice that can not be shut out.

It’s powerful.

And that power you feel your eating has over you?

That’s really YOUR power. Your body’s power. If you can learn to listen to it, harness it, and work with it instead of against it, just imagine what you can do with all the energy that’s there.

It’s actually kind of exciting!


Some journaling questions for you

I think journaling is a great place to start when you’re trying to understand something about yourself. Those understandings do, then, need to be put into some kind of action, but until you understand something you can’t really work with it effectively at all.

So grab a pen and a note book and write about:


  • Binge eating can be caused by fear. What fears do you have around your body? Its health? Its size? Its sensations? Its pleasures and pains?
  • What are you trying to control about your body?
  • Do you use your body to reward or punish yourself? Through food, exercise, restrictions, or releases.
  • How do you use your body to feel pleasure?


Have a look at what you’ve written. Can you see any places where things don’t feel right? Any patterns that need to have some light shined on them? Sometimes things might jump out at you easily, and you can see an active way forward, other times you might benefit from some help.


How ‘bad’ can be ‘good’

If you experience ‘bad’ things about your body – this can actually be a huge blessing. It’s often the ‘bad’ feelings that get out attention most and encourage us to change.

So, now I’m going to give you some advice that might make you extremely uncomfortable:

Welcome your next binge.

And the one after that.

And maybe a few more after that.

They are massively rich opportunities to listen and learn. Not everyone has this – they might have to suffer in powerless mediocrity forever. You, though. You’ve got such an attention grabbing chance to do something, to make a change, to get in touch with your body in a way that will change your life.


Download this worksheet and use it for your next few binges. Use what you feel to guide you to your next step.

healing binge eating is a multi-step process that can take time, effort, and work. But, the results are so, so worth it. Find out more here.


Try some of these exercises if…

  • You tried the worksheet above, did it a couple of times, and could feel something in your body asking to be heard.
  • You know you have poor body image
  • Your body experiences are mostly negative (pain, shame, discomfort, symptoms, etc.)

Try nourishment focused eating – I have a free 7 day e-course to get you started on this.

Mindful movements – Use movement and exercise you love to get back in touch with your body.

Self-love body technique – Try a morning routine that actively encourages you to get into your body



So, look forward to your next binge. I guarantee that by cultivating an attitude of curiosity, you’ll learn so much more and have so much more success that if you fight it.


Please know: You’ve got this. You can do it. It might take a few binges before you start to ‘hear’ what’s going on – but you’ll get there.

As always, if you need some help, send me a message or check out my work with me page.

And tell me in the comments: Have you ever welcomed a binge? What was it like?


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