The Irresistible Self-Love Series

The Irresistible Self-Love Series

The IrresistibleSelf-Love series is a set of 5 video lesson (with an epic self-love workbook) to help you learn about your self-love, emotional eating, and how to combine the two. Here are all the lessons listed in order.

They’re quick, fun, and sooooo valuable!

There’re also 6 expert interviews with coaches and practitioners sharing their own self-love journeys, as well as awesome tricks, tip, and advice for you.

Jump right in and learn how self-love can help you overcome unwated eating.

Lessons (in order):

Find out exactly how, and why every emotional eater needs to embrace self-love - it'll transform your relationship with food. Class + workbook - click to check it out.

Confused about 'self-love'? Join the club! The 3 essential pieces to the self-love puzzle are: Thinking, speaking, and acting with the knowledge that you are 100% worthy of awesome love. Now, what does that mean? I'll tell you... click here.

You hear a lot about having more self-love, but not about how to really do that. Here are actionable ways to do self-love - you can start right now.
Gratitude - you know, feeling thankful and grateful about stuff - is seriously awesome. Here's how to use gratitude to boost your self-love. 
The takeaway from this whole, big Irresistible Self-Love Series is quite simply that this is something you NEED in your life.

Expert Interviews:

Find out what no one tells you abou weight loss and self-love. This is part of the Irresistible Self-Love Series and it's just such a good talk!
Learn some simple, powerful ways to stop looking for love somewhere else and start building it from within. Susan Gerrish shares expert tips for self-love.
You know self-love is the royal road to awesome, but how do you do it? Find out the 4 easy steps you can take to kickstart your self-love in this value-paced interview with Tara Mixon of Soulful Medicine.
Do you want to see Self-Love in action? Check out this expert interview with Lisa Staples - she shows you what self-love looks like.
Do this awesome 30-day self-love challenge. You'll be thinking, speaking, and acting with more kindness towards yourself in no time.
Self-love involves a ton of inside work - but this can be inspired and supported by 'outer' action too. Here are some expert tips for practising self-love.



The amazing workbook for the Irresistible Self-Love Series. Find out why EVERY emotional eater needs to embrace self-love (and how).