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8-Weeks to Eating Easy

Get happy, calm, and in control with food - no matter what life throws at you

Is this you…?

You feel like you can’t control your eating.

You want to look good and feel great about your eating, but most days you end up a mess of shame and guilt.

You’re worried about your weight.

It gives you this tight panicky feeling – what if you *can’t* shift it?

You’re sick of the cravings.

No matter what you do, you’re hit by cravings you just can’t say no to.

Here are the tools, techniques, structure, and support you need to end overeating, emotional eating, or food addiction.

8-Weeks to Eating Easy

is a powerful + personalized package of 1:1 guided mind-body nutrition and eating psychology to get you out of your torturous relationship with food and into eating with freedom, calm, ease, and most of all, fearless enjoyment.

Is this what you want?

Eat with calm and ease, even if you’ve spent years freaking out and not trusting yourself with food.

Be energized and excited by healthy eating, even if you’ve struggled to make changes in the past.

Stick to your goals, even if you’re the queen of self-sabotaged or “I’ll start again on Monday”.

Take on life feeling gorgeous and in control, even if your schedule is packed and it feels like there’s no time left for you.

Feel in control of your eating and be able to stop when you want, even if you’ve been overeating your whole life.

Here’s what past clients have to say:

“Since starting work with Sam, I’ve been binge-free for over 2 months! Something that everyone else around me seemed to feel was easy and elementary; she understood how difficult it was. She understood the struggle and the feelings of guilt and shame, and her sharing that she was proud of me was HUGE for my acceptance of what I had been going through my entire life. Sam’s amazing.”

– Tessa, Washinton, USA

“I first started working with Samantha because I wanted to try a new way of solving my eating problems. It was completely different from anything I’d tried before.

After just 4 sessions I was experiencing major relief from my cravings and overeating. I would definitely recommend coaching with Sam to anyone who’s struggling with their eating. She’s an angel.”

– Bronwyn, London, UK

“Sam asks questions that get down directly to the root of food addiction and binge cycles. She has an understanding and deep awareness that makes me feel safe and allows me to open up and move deeper into my self-care practices instead of using food to cope.

I have had multiple food and eating coaches but Sam has a much deeper functional understanding of food psychology and she has tools that are both useful and timely.”

– Jami, Maryland, USA

Have you tried asking for help before, only to be told: 

  • “you’re not doing it right” when a plan doesn’t work for you 
  • to drink a glass of water and your craving will disappear 
  • that you’re overreacting. Food’s not a big deal, just relax 
  • food addiction isn’t real – you just need more self-control + willpower

That’s the worst. 

Lots of health coaches, nutritionists, and your friends + family focus on 

  • different nutrition systems 
  • diets 
  • eating plans 
  • willpower and self-control 
  • and emphasize the idea that once you’ve got your diet sorted, everything else should fall into place. 

If you’re struggling with your relationship with food, emotional food connections, or food addiction, then you need more than “willpower” and a healthy diet to get you eating with the grace and ease you dream of.

This is where 8 weeks to eating easy comes in. You’ll put a stop to your unwanted eating + your self-sabotage, and trust yourself with food.

Your concept of ‘willpower’ will be transformed into strategies that actually work.

And you’ll get flexible, individual mind-body nutritional support while healing your unwanted eating from the inside –> out.

Are you sick of it all?

I’m sure you’re as sick of the hype and impossible claims as I am – those offers that sound too good to be true, usually are. But women like you and me are ready to step forward through all those fake smiles and take real + authentic action to change the way you eat.

Emotional eating isn’t a life sentence. Whether you’ve been struggling for 2 years, or 20 (or more) you can get out of all the struggle and frustration of feeling stuck, frumpy, and out of control and into feeling calm, controlled, and kick-ass around food.

Start eating with ease, joy, and self-trust

no more hiding or regrets


(or 4 payments of $190)

Who am I to tell you this?

All you want to do is eat like a ‘normal’ person.  I so get that.

I’ve been through the cake-for-breakfast-and-doughnut-holes-for-dinner and eating so much dessert at buffets that I’d throw up on the way home.

I understand how it feels to eat out of control and to need food to get through the day.

I thought the answer was to REMOVE even more from my life by dieting, detoxing, and restricting. That’d give me the freedom, ease, and joy I was searching for… right?

All I got was shame, failure, and another 5kg. And the diets just got harder and harder.

Slowly, I found a better way.

Now, 6 years later, I’m an Eating Psychology Coach armed with experience, education, and a passion for helping women stop wasting their time stressing over food + eating.

I don’t want it to take you any longer than it already has.

What happens when you click ‘book my eating easy call’?

It’s easy – you’ll go to a new page and answer a couple of quick question about where you’re at.

Then, I’ll get back to you within 24 hours to say hello and give you a link to my calendar where you book our call for a time that works for you.

The calls are done through Skype video and last around 40 minutes.

You’ll not only get answers to all your burning questions, but some easy + effective (+ personalized) strategies to calm your cravings right away.

The calls are totally no-pressure. If you feel like working together is a great idea, we’ll get you sorted right away. If it’s not for you, that’s totally fine too – I’m just happy to help.

This is for you if:

– You feel stuck, lost, and totally frustrated with your eating.

– You regularly binge eat, use food emotionally, overeat, or think about food ALL. THE. TIME.

– You want to lose weight and you know you’re struggling because your eating feels impossible to change.

– You’re totally happy with your weight, but you feel like your relationship with food is upsetting, unhealthy, or just not enjoyable.

– You know you eat more when feeling strong emotions (or you struggle to feel emotions at all without the help of food).

This is not for you if:

– You’re coping with an eating disorder – you’ll want a different kind of help with that. Same goes for drug + alcohol addiction, serious trauma, and clinical depression.

– You want meal plans, calorie tracking, weigh-ins, or Jillian Michael’s style shout-downs. I’m all about making changes as easy and enjoyable as possible.

– You aren’t ready to dig into your emotional self and are purely looking to lose weight (that’s cool, it’s just not what I do).

Start eating with ease, joy, and self-trust

no more hiding or regrets


(or 4 payments of $190)

During your 8 Weeks to Eating Easy package, I’ll teach you how to truly relax into knowing you’re in control and can handle all food situations with ease.

You’ll get the knowledge, tools, and strategies you need to make your eating feel calm, free, and like you can totally trust yourself.

Basically, I’ll help you stop binge eating, end overeating, ease out of food addiction, and stop using food to cope with your emotions.

And we’ll do it in a way that’s yours for life.

How the program works

We meet for 8 sessions of food + eating transformation over skype video calls. The 8 sessions usually take 3 months to complete – we meet weekly for the first 4 sessions, and then every two weeks for the final four. This is so you get the maximum momentum, knowledge, and support right from the start, and then can see more and more results and changes as the program progresses.

During sessions, we talk about your goals, successes, and struggles and not only dig deep to change negative thought patterns and emotions, but focus on effective and actionable things you can actually *do* to start eating with calm, ease, and control.

Sessions last 60 minutes and always end with homework for you to go on with and really make changes happen between sessions (that’s where the magic is). After each session, I email you with a summary of what we talked about, your homework, and any extra goodies or resources you may need.

What we’ll cover during 8-weeks to eating easy

While this is a very personalized program that I constantly update and adapt to your individual situation and struggles with food, there are a few key areas I cover with all clients:

Food quality, rhythm, and macronutrient balance

  • Full eating assessment so you know exactly what’s going on 
  • Where you’re missing out on some easy nutritional wins + how to make simple changes that feel great. 
  • How to eat to reduce cravings. 
  • How you can tweak your eating to make things easier. 

Positive nutritional + life beliefs

  • Where you’re  holding yourself back + how you can use your beliefs as a source of endless motivation. 
  • How to re-write parts of your story to help instead of hurt your eating. 
  • How you can harness + reverse the shame or guilt you feel about your eating. 

Why you’re eating like this in the first place

  • The needs your eating is filling and how you can look after yourself in powerful non-food ways. 
  • Identifying hidden sources of stress + discomfort that may be fueling your eating. 
  • Learning key strategies for self-care + relaxation that feel better than eating (trust me, it’s possible). 

+ How you can continue on after the program and find long-lasting food freedom – so you never have to be a repeat customer.

The 8-weeks to eating easy program includes:

8 weeks of 1:1 professional eating psychology coaching via Skype video call. (Worth $750)

Weekly email check-ins and feedback (Worth $80)

Emotional eating and food addiction assessment quiz with professional insights and feedback (Worth $100)

Eating healthy on the Go quick-guide (Worth $10)

Personalized journal prompts (Worth $30)

+ 2 bonuses

Progress tracker worksheets so you can see how far you’ve come (Pretty priceless)

Meal planning sheets and templates (Worth $20)

Over $900 worth of tools, support, and transformation for


(or 4 payments of $190)

Satisfaction 100% Guarantee

If the program’s not right for you, or things in life get a bit topsy-turvy and you can’t continue with the program, I’ll refund you for all remaining sessions – no questions asked, within 4 months of our start date.

Frequently asked questions

I REALLY want help, but this is a huge investment. Is there something else I can do?

If you’re feeling uncertain or unsure if this is right for you, then I totally understand. It’s a big + powerful investment. I’m working on a friendly, bite-sized beginner option so you can get a taste of what it’s like to work together + the awesome results you can have. Just click below to sign up to be notified when the course is ready (no spam, no email newsletter – just notifications about the mini-coaching).

Click here to get notified

Will I lose weight in this program?

That depends on a lot of different things, and I never promise weight loss or try to estimate how much weight someone may lose. Generally, though, women do lose weight because they’re eating differently and supporting their best life + body with the help of the program.

Do you provide meal plans?

No, not usually. But, I do teach you how to meal plan easily and effectively. Which is way better than me doing it for you for a couple of months.

I don't have skype, can we still work together?

Skype is free and very easy to use. You can simply google ‘skype download’ and have it up and running in about 5 minutes.

I have an eating disorder - can you help?

I can help with disordered eating and food addiction, but if you have a medically diagnosed condition, then I can work alongside a trained eating disorder specialist. But no, I don’t provide profession help with eating disorders.

Are you a nutritionist and a psychologist? Or a therapist?

I’m a little bit of all those things – but legally none of them. I have a degree in psychology and a certification in eating psychology but am not registered as a psychologist, nutritionist, or therapist. I can not prescribe you anything, treat your disorder, or ‘fix’ you. I’m here as a teacher, cheerleader, strategist, accountability buddy, and knowledgeable professional.

Do you offer refunds? How about payment plans?

Yes and yes.

If you’re not loving the work we do, or it turns out that now isn’t the right time for you to do it (things happen, life gets messy), I offer a full no questions asked refund for all the sessions we haven’t done yet, within 4 months (120 days) of our start date.

As for payment plans, yes – we can break the total price up into 4 equal payments of $190usd, and it’s also possible to spread sessions out over a longer time.

Start eating with ease, joy, and self-trust

no more hiding or regrets