Do you want to see Self-Love in action?

Welcome to the Irresistible Self Love Series – simply THE best way to use love to heal your emotional, comfort, stressy, unwanted eating. Click here to see all the other posts and interviews in the series.

Do you want to see Self-Love in action?

“I was fat, sick, stressed, and depressed for about three decades”. 

“I always thought people didn’t like me because I was overweight”.

“When I was sad, I ate. When I was stressed, I ate”.

Does any of that sound familiar? Does it sound like you? Check out this interview with the fabulous Lisa Staples and find out how she got out of this and into a WAY better place.

This Self-Love series is all about giving you real-world ways to actually practice self-love and heal your unwanted eating.

We’ve talked about 3 ways you can start to speak, act, and think like you love yourself – and we’ve talked about cultivating a gratitude practice to really turbo-charge you self-love. I spoke to Tara Mixon last week, who gave you a ton of actionable advice for loving yourself and this week…

Do you want to see Self-Love in action? Check out this expert interview with Lisa Staples - she shows you what self-love looks like.

I’m talking to Lisa Staples! Lisa is an integrative nutrition health coach with a pretty awesome self-love story of her own. She explains how she didn’t “find” love for herself – even AFTER she reached her goal weight – and what it really took for her to find that inner peace. She’s going to show you self-love in action.

How can you get your self-love in action?


“What makes you happy is accepting ownership of your life.”

Lisa explains how, through her deep struggles with depression, she came to realize that this life was her life, and she had a right and responsibility to make it something that brought her joy.

And one of those things that brought joy needed to be her relationship with herself.

Her biggest tip for how to do this? Mindful Eating!

Lisa also talks about negative self-talk. If you’re looking for a way to start to change your self-talk, click over here to learn how to speak like you love yourself and download the workbook for a targeted self-love self-talk intervention.

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The Irresistible Self-Love Series

If you’re an emotional eater, a stress eater, a comfort eater, a binge eater, or just want a happier relationship with food, the Irresistible Self-Love Series is 100% for you. You’ll learn exactly why and how to develop your self-love to heal your eating. Get started here.

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