How can you do Makeup and Self-Care?

How do you feel about makeup?

Is wearing makeup something you feel you HAVE to do? Do you rush through the morning, slapping on your ‘armor’ so the world can’t see your imperfections?


Is wearing makeup a sign of low self-esteem? Does it mean you’re not a feminist? Does it mean you’re bowing down to other’s ideas about what you ‘should’ look like?


Is makeup a sign of self-care? Does it make you feel good about yourself, and like you’re putting your best foot forward?

Read on to find out how to make your makeup (or not) work for you – and a SUPER simple lip scrub to make at home… self-care guaranteed!

Makeup and self-care? Find out how to make your makeup (or not) work for you - and a SUPER simple lip scrub to make at home. Self-care guaranteed!

Makeup and Self-Care

Whether you’re a ‘lip-gloss-and-go’ kinda girl, or you wear a full face of makeup from dawn-to-dusk, you know that’s cool, right? The main thing is to be happy and comfortable with however you choose to show up in the world – made-up or not.

A fantastic way to do this is to use makeup as an act of self-care. Goodness knows, we need as much of that as we can get in our busy lives! And if you’re an emotional eater, you KNOW how important self-care and space is for balancing your eating habits.

So, whatever you’re doing to your face, and for whatever reasons, I invite you to make a self-care practice out of it. For yourself, your eating, and your happiness 🙂

Makeup and Self-Care: Why?

Because when you’re putting on your makeup (or washing you face, or putting on you lip gloss – whatever you do to feel pretty in the morning) might be the only time you’re ‘you’ focused in your entire day! It’s the perfect time to consciously and purposefully fill your need for self-attention and care.

Makeup and Self-Care: How?

The sky’s the limit! What do you enjoy about makeup or face care?

  • Luxury/fun/new products? 
  • The quiet time you get to yourself? 
  • Experimenting with new looks? 
  • Spending time positively focused on your face or body? 
  • Enhancing, highlighting, or feeling awesome about your features? 
  • Feeling organized and put-together? 
  • Sometime else? Share in the comments! 

Pay attention the next time you’re doing your makeup. Which parts of the process make you feel good? Think about why that might be, and then focus on bringing more of that into your routine.

I want to thank Elizabeth Nichin from ‘The Feminist Beauty Project‘ for writing a gorgeous post about how she uses makeup as self-care. Definitely go check it out if the idea interests you! She says it perfectly:

When I do my makeup, I am making the conscious decision to sit down and spend time with myself. I spend time with my skin, with my lips, with my eyes. I nurture myself. I am taking care of myself. I spend time on myself for myself. Because I don’t put my makeup on for anyone but me.” ~ Elizabeth Nichin,’The Feminist Beauty Project‘.

Lip Scrub Recipe!

No matter what kind of makeup wearer you are, this lip scrub is an excellent way to get some more self-care into your routine. It’s all natural, makes your lips feel amazing, AND makes your lipstick, lip stain, lip gloss, or naked lips look great!

Makeup and self-care? Find out how to make your makeup (or not) work for you - and a SUPER simple lip scrub to make at home. Self-care guaranteed!

The lip scrub gently removes dry skin from your lips, so they are smoother, more supple, and you lip products go on better. As a fan of lip stains, I can personally say that this lip scrub has made a HUGE difference to how lip-stains work for me (goodbye blotchy color!). Also, I just love taking the self-care time to pamper my lips.

Quick FYI: if sugar is a trigger for you and you know it’s going to cause cravings, simply use salt instead. I used to think a little would be OK for anyone but after working with some sensitive clients and doing a bunch of research, just know that if you’re highly addictive and sugar is a trigger, use salt in this recipe.

You’ll need:

  • 1 tablespoon of white sugar (or sea salt)  
  • 1 teaspoon of liquid coconut oil  
  • 4 drops of essence (I used peppermint for a cooling scrub, but you can use anything like vanilla, lemon, or almond are gorgeous too)  
  • Small airtight container to store it in  

In a small bowl, mix all ingredients together. Transfer to your airtight container and store in the bathroom for up to 2 months.

To use: Press your finger into the scrub to pick up a small amount. Rub gently over your lips, focusing on dry or flaky areas. Rinse off and enjoy the moisture from the coconut oil, or apply some lip balm.

For more natural beauty recipes, check out this post: Gorgeous Natural DIY Beauty, and to find out why natural products are a great idea, check out this guest post all about skin care and chemicals.

Tell me: makeup and self-care, how do you do it?

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