What no one tells you about loss and self-love

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Weight Loss and self-love: Mindy’s Story

“I judged my self worth and attractiveness by the size of my thighs”.

Who can’t relate to that?

Today I interview mind-body nutrition expert Mindy Gorman-Plutzer – who used to feel exactly that.

And where’s she at now? Check it out for yourself.

Find out what no one tells you abou weight loss and self-love. This is part of the Irresistible Self-Love Series and it's just such a good talk!

Mindy Gorman-Plutzer is an Eating Psychology Coach (like me!), and today I’m talking to her about all things self-love. She shares a little of her amazing story and a whole lot of insight into how and why you can start working with your self-love to build a free and amazing relationship with food.

Mindy tells us about her 30 year (yes, 30 year) battle with dieting, body image, and a critical lack of self-love.

She explains how weight loss and self-love are not related in the way you think they are (hint: the love comes first!). And, she shares how the passing of her husband was a serious wake-up call, and tells you exactly how you can work on your own relationship with yourself.

Some goodies for you

You can find Mindy over on The Freedom Promise, where she blogs about mindfulness, body image, and creating a relationship with food based on freedom and love. If you think weight loss and self-love is a one-direction process, she shows you differently.

Mindy offers some excellent ways to work with her – from laser-focused single 1-1 sessions, to longer coaching packages, to group programs, definitely check out working with Mindy if you like what she has to say.

And finally, Mindy’s gorgeous book ‘The Freedom Promise: The Book that will Transform your Relationship with Food‘ is a clear 7 step roadmap that’s easy to read and follow, and has some amazing ways for you to free your relationship with food. You can get a free chapter from her site.

The Irresistible Self-Love Series

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