How to stop looking for love somewhere else

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How to stop looking for love somewhere else

“We’re always looking for love somewhere else… we don’t think that much about whether we love, or even like, ourselves”.

How true is that?!

That’s a direct quote from the beginning of the amazing interview I did with Susan Gerrish, a Mind-Body Eating Psychology Coach who just blew my mind with her gorgeous approach to self-love AND the boat-load of actionable advice she shared.

Learn some simple, powerful ways to stop looking for love somewhere else and start building it from within. Susan Gerrish shares expert tips for self-love.

Susan shares exactly how to stop looking for love somewhere else – and it’s really powerful.

Seriously guys, if you want some awesome, easy, and effective ways to start practicing self-love, then Susan is your lady. She peppers this interview with things you can really start doing.

Scroll on down to watch.

Self-loathing to Self-love

In the interview, Susan tells us about how she has journeyed through binge eating and self-loathing, to  a free and happy eater – and how self-love played a critical role in that shift.

She says:

“We’re always in self-loathing. When do we get to flick the switch and get over to self-love?”.

She also shares the beautiful thought that,

“We all have gifts, we all have contributions – things we can offer the world” and it’s also good to take and receive goodness from the world.

Irresistible Self-Love Series: Susan Gerrish quote

Stop looking for love somewhere else

As Susan says:

“The more you love yourself, the more you’re going to love the world”.

Susan offered some excellent advice about getting started with self-love. She explained how she works with her clients to ground them in the most basic parts of their lives – such as pleasure, nourishment, and relaxation – to provide a firm basis for growing a positive relationship with self.

She also explained exactly how she uses affirmations in her own self-love practice (and you can too!).

Want more of Susan?

Susan helps women and men to really connect with their lives and to truly start thriving. She’s super experienced and very well trained, and is really a pleasure to talk with! If what she had to say resonated with you, and you’d love to have a more empowered connection with your body, self, and your relationship with food, then you can connect with Susan:

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