Top 10 amazingly awesome ice cream recipes for summer

Don’t say no! Have ice cream this summer.

Yes, even if you’re an emotional eater.

Yes, even if you’re eating a healthier diet.

Yes, even if you’re working on weight loss.

None of these goals need to stop you from enjoying delicious, cooling, frozen goodness this summer. Seriously.

These amazing healthy ice cream recipes will see you through all summer!



A love affair with the journey

So, so often, health or weight loss journeys are practices in restriction and deprivation. That is:

a) Not a fun, enjoyable, or sustainable healthy way to live; and

b) Totally counter to the kind of life I’ll bet you want to live.

You want a life full of grace, abundance, joy, and fun – right? So it makes sense that you have to actually start doing that.

Not later. Not once you’ve got your eating ‘under control’. Not once you’re ‘at your goal weight’. And definitely NOT once you ‘deserve it’.

You’re perfect NOW. You deserve to feel amazing NOW. You can have that life RIGHT NOW.

You can cultivate a love affair with your journey, by making it so enjoyable and full of love that the destination (if you believe there really is one) takes care of itself.

And today, gorgeous friends, that starts with ice cream!

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Not just Baskin Robbins…

Though if that’s your thing, that’s cool too. But here are 10 amazingly easy, and really healthy frozen treats you can make at home. Enjoy these treats

  • mindfully
  • socially
  • all alone
  • as an act of self care
  • as a treat
  • as a joy
  • as a celebration of you
  • with relaxation
  • as a reminder that your journey is as gorgeous as you make it.

Ok, here we go! My top 10 amazingly awesome ice cream recipes for summer

None of these recipes require anything more than a freezer and a blender.

1) Homemade strawberry frozen yogurt – Use only four ingredients to make a light, super easy sorbet-type ice cream. You could definitely swap the berries for other frozen fruit, too.

2) Chocolate banana – One of the many variations on the banana ice cream front (if you haven’t tried banana ice cream, take my boyfriend’s word for it “It’s life changing”). If you don’t have access to almond milk, use whatever milk-thing you like.

3) Pineapple – It doesn’t get any easier than this. Frozen pineapple, a little sweetness, a dash of salt. Blend. Enjoy!

4) Mint Chocolate  – This one is awesome! It gets the classic ‘mint green’ color from spinach! Spinach! In ice cream! Genius. It’s also vegan and allergy-friendly.

5) Avocado honey  – This is a rich, creamy ice cream. It’s not jam-packed with flavor, but if you enjoy creamy honey, then this is the one for you. Assuming you live in a place where avocados are affordable. Which I don’t 🙁

6) Chocolate banana bites – It takes a little more prep time to make these bites, but the combination of chocolate and coconut oil to make a chocolate coating that hardens on contact is such an amazing idea.

7) Watermelon coconut sorbet – Here in Korea, watermelon are THE fruit for summer. This simple recipe makes a pretty pink sorbet perfect for an afternoon of relaxation.

8) Pumpkin pie  – I LOVE using pumpkin in stuff (smoothies, cakes, pancakes…) and now this!

9) Blueberry  – Want to fight cancer, alzheimer’s, and become a unicorn? Well, blueberries do that… and this super-simple ice cream has them!

10) Iced coffee  – An ice cream recipe using cottage cheese. I can’t buy cottage cheese in Korea, so I haven’t tried this one, but it looks amazing. She used something called a ‘dessert bullet’ in the recipe, but I’m pretty sure you can just blend it. I so want to make this!

11) Dark chocolate – The author says it all: “This is a dessert that you won’t feel guilty about. What am I saying?! You should never feel guilty about dessert! But you can feel proud serving this to yourself and your family!”


But there are 11…

Yeah. Who can ever have enough healthy ice cream recipes?

If you try any of these recipes, leave the original author a comment – I know they’d love to hear from you!

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