Here’s how to use gratitude to boost your self-love

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Use gratitude to boost your self-love

Gratitude – you know, feeling thankful and grateful about stuff – is seriously awesome.

I’ve written before about how gratitude can help with emotional eating and today I’m gonna apply this to the self-love journey we’re on. And of course, I’m going to show you exactly how you can use gratitude to boost your self-love.

Gratitude - you know, feeling thankful and grateful about stuff - is seriously awesome. Here's how to use gratitude to boost your self-love.

Where’s your focus?

We often think about gratitude as being thankful for things we have, things that happen to us, or for other people. This totally ties into the interview I did with Susan Gerrish a few weeks ago, where she said:

“We’re always looking for love somewhere else… we don’t think that much about whether we love, or even like, ourselves”.

And I think we do this with gratitude, too. We focus it all outward instead of turning some of that attention inward towards our own goodies.

Let’s change that.

‘Gratitude’ sounds a bit spiritual… is this a real thing?

There are lots of studies showing the very real, scientific, and awesome effects of gratitude. The effects expand into many life areas and are surprisingly long-lasting.

Check out the amazing diagrams over on the Happier Human blog, and you’ll see exactly how powerful gratitude can be (with science!).

Activities as simple as verbally thanking someone, writing a thank you note, mentally going over things you’re grateful for, and gratitude journaling all help you feel happier and more fulfilled.

It’s super interesting that this happiness and fulfillment extends into your feelings about yourself, not just the things you’re grateful for. And if you’re aiming some of this gratitude towards yourself in the first place? Turbo-charged self-love!


How can you link gratitude to self-love?

This one is easy!

You can use gratitude to focus in on improving any area of your life – just by thinking about and being consciously grateful for things in that area. Self-love is the same.

You can focus on being grateful to yourself for:

  • your achievements
  • kindness towards yourself
  • kindness towards others
  • each and any success you had today
  • your role in your family
  • your work ethic
  • a body/part you love
  • making it through the day
  • … anything!

Basically, anything that makes you feel even the smallest bit good about being you – be grateful for that. Place your focus there and it’ll grow.

Not to get too poetic on you, but your conscious focus is like water, your thoughts are the seeds, and your body-mind-soul is the garden. Wherever you put your focus, those thought seeds will grow and bloom in you body-mind-soul.

So focus/water the mind-seeds that grow the garden you want.

(I am SO bad at analogies… did that make any sense at all?)

What do you have to be grateful for?

If you are struggling with self-love or are new to thinking about gratitude, then it can be tricky to come up with ways to use gratitude to boost your self-love.

Trust me, I know – I’ve been there! When I was in the worst of my struggles, some days the best I could come up with was things like: “Well, I have 2 working legs”, and “Um, I didn’t cry today”.

Of course, there was a TON more to be thankful for, even during the bad times, but it was so, so hard to see it.

So, what do YOU have to be grateful for? If you’re in a good place, then you’ll easily see a lot. But, if you’re not? Here are some ideas:

  • Are there things in your past that make you feel good about yourself?
  • What have you done today that’s even a tiny bit awesome?
  • What are you planning for yourself in the future? Can you be grateful to yourself for your hopes, goals, and dreams?

Easy ways to use gratitude to boost your self-love

I’m all about giving you not only the thoughts but also the real-world actions that will get results. So, here are some easy ways to start using gratitude as a self-love practice. I fully explain each one in the video.

  • Pause-thank-continue
  • Share your gifts with others
  • Write a thank you letter to younger you

BONUS: If you’re interested in having a beautiful and special space to really get into a practice of gratitude for self-love (and general life awesomeness), I think this gratitude journal will rock your socks off.

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How will you use gratitude to boost your self-love?

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