What everyone gets wrong about emotional eating (and how you can get it right)

Why can you get so much right in the rest of your life, but your eating's still a mess?

Ok, so be honest...

How much of your emotional eating stems from issues you have with food? Or your chronically low willpower? Or that you just have some broken piece that won't let you stop eating?

Common sense says: all of it. Right?

Well, I've got the good news and the bad news here:

Very little of your emotional eating has anything to do with food, willpower, or brokenness.

This is awesome because it gives you so much power in how you go about healing your relationship with food. It also kind of sucks because it means you've probably been doing it all wrong for ages.

But let's fix that.

What's the real deal with emotional eating?

The truth is that you're eating to get what you need. That might be comfort, relaxation, connection, or celebration. But the point is, you're taking in more food than you need because you're looking for something.

In the video below I'll explain this idea in detail, give you lots of examples, and tell you how to (quickly and easily) start ending your emotional eating.

Right now. Today.

Watch it now.

Stuck on planning your baby steps?

It can be really difficult to find baby steps that work for you. They've got be small enough that you'll do them without too much effort --- but big enough that they'll add up to meaningful change over time.

If you're feeling stuck, no worries.Here's a free 4-step plan (and each step is it's own baby step). You'll learn an effective way to stop emotional eating in it's tracks and be able to implement the baby-step strategy quickly and easily.

Enter you details below and I'll email the 4-step plan right to you.

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What everyone gets wrong about emotional eating (and how you can get it right)

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Hello! I'm Sam and I'm an Eating Psychology Coach. I work with women who struggle with emotional eating and weight loss to develop new strategies and lifestyles so they can stop using food to cope, lose weight, and eat happy.

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One thought on “What everyone gets wrong about emotional eating (and how you can get it right)

  • Lisa Cho

    Hi, How do you know that I feel like I have something broken inside? You’ve jsut put into words what I have felt for so long. Btw, the video in this post doesn’t seem to be working.