Why every emotional eater needs to embrace self-love

The Irresistible Self Love Series

You know that shame, guilt, and yuck-factor that often comes along for the ride with your unwanted eating? A lot of that comes from the negative self-talk and the crappy story you’re telling yourself about your eating.

One way to work on this is by deeply exploring your relationship with yourself.

Every emotional eater needs to embrace self-love – and I’ve got video lessons, checklists, a workbook, and amazing expert interviews.

Learn exactly how, and WHY, you can use this ridiculously powerful thing called self-love to help you get the relationship with food (and self) that you crave.

Brace yourself: it’s going to be epic.

Welcome to the Irresistible Self Love Series – simply THE best way to use love to heal your emotional, comfort, stressy, unwanted eating. Click here to see all the other posts and interviews in the series.

Find out exactly how, and why every emotional eater needs to embrace self-love - it'll transform your relationship with food. Class + workbook - click to check it out.

Make sure you get your free workbook (save it to your desktop and open it from there – if you open it in your browser, your text won’t save), and scroll right to the bottom of this post to get your week 1 action steps.

It feels like the ‘love yourself’ message is everywhere these days. You’ve probably heard that self-love is the royal road to

  •  healing emotional eating 
  •  losing weight 
  •  loving you body 
  •  having great relationships 
  •  finding freedom with food 
  •  becoming a unicorn ninja 

And the advice can sound really shallow and trite.

Like, “duh… of course if I just loved myself more this would be fine. Just let me flick that switch and solve all my problems…”.

Of course, it’s not that easy. But it IS that necessary. So, over the next few blog posts we’re going to look at:

1) Why and how loving yourself can help you with emotional eating and body image (and life)

2) What the heck self-love actually is

3) How the hell you can start to actually work with it

So, you’ll know why it’s important, what it is, and how to do it.

Perfect. Let’s jump right in.

Why every emotional eater needs to embrace self-love:

You’re here because you want to change something.

You’d like to stop obsessing about food, or feel better about your body, or have more joy and energy in your day. And you probably think that you’ll be able to love yourself and your life more once you’ve achieved that thing.

But it doesn’t quite work like that.

Nothing and no one responds well to force, hate, or coercion. So, if you’re wanting to shift that weight or heal your eating behaviors, you’ve first got to learn to love yourself.

WHY #1: because approaching change through love is WAY more successful and more enjoyable.

WHY #2: because you can’t pour from an empty cup.

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Watch this quick video to dive deeper.

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Grab your  free workbook (save it to your desktop and open it from there – if you open it in your browser, your text won’t save) – and fill out the self-love assessment to work out where you’re at and guide you for the rest of the series. It’s totally free and 100% awesome.

The amazing workbook for the Irresistible Self-Love Series. Find out why EVERY emotional eater needs to embrace self-love (and how).

Ok, so now I’ve hopefully explained why every emotional eater needs to embrace self-love– and how it’s super relevant/necessary to your journey (especially if that journey involves unwanted eating).

Now get stuck into it!

Irresistible Self-Love Action Steps:

  • Download your workbook (save it to your desktop and open it from there – if you open it in your browser, your text won’t save)
  • Do the self-love assessment activity in the workbook
  • Watch the video lesson above
  • Get started on your self-love workbook.

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